Control, monitor, automate, optimize your factory or process the easy way with our field proven Real Time Expert System software package.

Control. Event driven forward chaining Inference Engine responds to events as they occur.
By comparison to a PLC that goes round and round evaluating every rung of a ladder diagram, the response time of RTES does not depend on how much logic there is to execute, but only the speed of the I/O.

Monitor. RTES turns your process into a website you access from anywhere, using your web broswer.
This is very different from a HMI or SCADA software that you need to purchase and install at every station. Creating the displays uses the universal HTML. There is no need to learn special techniques. Developping an HMI is the same thing as developping a web site - with the extensive and constantly growing wealth of ressources available in HTML (scripts, animation, flash, applets, etc.)

Automate. RTES captures your most valuable asset, your knowledge, and applies it consistently, continuously to the processes you are running. RTES is not restricted to what a ladder logic can represent and you do not have to be a seasonned programmer to implement what ladder logic and flow charts fall short on. You set the rules with straightforward arithmetic and boolean expressions (of which ladder logic is a subset).

Optimize. Learm more about your processes from the analysis of data stored in SQL format. Add more rules, change existing rules, without shutting down your process. RTES is the ultimate continuous improvement tool.

Take full advantage of today's technologies. Make your process automatically use multimedia for annunciation and illustration, send email on event and or schedule.

Stop wasting your time and money buying and learning software that will be obsolete before your project is completed.